Firefox isn’t looking so bad after this.

People roll their eyes at Safari. Firefox? Forget it. And if your default browser is Internet Explorer, you might as well still be using AOL dial-up.

Meanwhile, Google Chrome is everything you wanted to be in high school. It’s cool, it’s trendy and it’s fast, just like all the popular girls. But Chrome has one major flaw not many people know: It drains your computer’s battery life.

So while you’re incessantly refreshing the page trying to score Hamilton tickets, Chrome will drain your juice faster than any other browser, according to experiments conducted by Microsoft.

Microsoft created two tests to measure web browser battery consumption.

The first test took place in a lab-controlled environment measuring run of the mill browsing behavior on popular websites. The second one timed how long computer batteries lasted for each browser while streaming HD videos.

The results? The computer using Chrome lasted only four hours and 19 minutes, while the Microsoft Edge browser lasted seven hours and 22 minutes.

So with Chrome I could watch four episodes of “Orange Is The New Black,” but with Edge I could watch seven? Chrome sounds good for my productivity, but Edge sounds better for my overall well-being.

Microsoft also tested Edge alongside other web browsers besides Chrome.

It proved that Chrome, Opera and Firefox all use more battery power than Edge in an experiment where all browsers were used to open sites, scroll articles, watch videos and open new tabs.

Microsoft plans to release data from millions of Windows 10 machines to show that both Edge and Firefox last longer than Google Chrome.

But don’t just take it from Microsoft — tons of Chrome users notice the exact same issue.

Now it’s up to the geniuses at Google to figure out a way to make Chrome a little less high maintenance.

‘The Simpsons’

Otherwise they’ll be yet another digital red-headed stepchild in the Internet browser family.