As if we needed another reason to move here.

The color blue is known to reduce stress and cause calm feelings of tranquility. People paint the walls of their bedrooms blue to capture the essence of the color in hopes it will give them a calmer, cooler perspective. This month’s issue of Health & Place proves the best kind of blue to improve your mental health is one with an ocean view.

In the name of our health, researchers conducted a study that gives us an excuse to replace the simplicity of suburbia or the confines of a city’s concrete jungle with the beach. While the study specifically focuses on those suffering with anxiety or mood disorders, let’s be honest: who doesn’t get a little tense every once in a while?

The study was conducted in Wellington, New Zealand.

The study looked at the visibility of both green and blue spaces for New Zealanders.

Green spaces were defined as parks and forests, while blue spaces were defined as water regions such as oceans and rivers. So how exactly did the New Zealanders go about conducting the study?

Researchers used the topography data of the area and compared it against information that assessed anxiety and mood disorders. This information came from the New Zealand Health Survey. which had been gathered from the New Zealand Health Survey.

Positive results came from residents living near the ocean.


After taking into account other factors such as the participant’s income, age, and sex, researchers found a correlation between people who had a view of the ocean and positive mental health.

Positive results yielded from the study came from residents living near blue spaces. These results showed improved mental health for those living near the ocean.

However, green spaces did not have the same effect on mental health.

The study’s positive results came from residents living near the ocean or the blue spaces, and not residents living on or near green spaces.

Ready to live off the ocean?

All in the name of good health, of course.

Coastal Living put together a list of America’s Happiest Seaside Towns, proving you don’t have to leave the country or live on a remote island to survive and thrive oceanside.

Check out some of out favorites.

1. Newport, Rhode Island

2. Pa’ia Town, Maui


3. Sag Harbor, New York


4. Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Captiva

5. La Jolla, California

Catherine and Jason Barry

Here’s proof you can have your cake and eat it by the ocean, too.


Living with an ocean view improves your mental health, so why not take the plunge, invest in some seaside real estate and head to the beach for some permanent R&R?