Did we mention it’s a musical?

If gorgeous women with fins sing you a lullaby and promise not to eat you, they’re for sure going to munch on your organs like breakfast sausage. This is an important lesson from the new Polish horror musical, “The Lure.”

The indie-thriller — which debuted in Poland in 2015 and won an award for design at Sundance last year — follows two teenage mermaids, Golden and Silver, as they get jobs singing and stripping at a Warsaw nightclub. (Yes — they can live on land, sprouting legs when needed and re-generating their mermaid tails as soon as they return to the water.) Silver falls in love with the club’s bass player while Golden wrestles with an urge to go on a blood-sucking killing spree (yes, these mermaids also have fangs!)

The film reminds us that mermaids don’t always have the kind-hearted princess reputation they have now. Golden and Silver represent the old-fashioned view of sea-women — meaning savage man-eaters. (Fuck yeah.)

IndieWire called the film “a wonderfully demented new musical that bridges the gap between Hans Christian Andersen and Nine Inch Nails,” which sounds like the perfect balance of beautiful and deranged this millennial internet-focused culture demands.

Check out the wacky (and NSFW) trailer below, and don’t miss the goldfish-women suckling mama-mer’s teet: