It’s the secret weapon in your cosmetic bag.

Hands down, the best thing about liquid lipstick is its longevity to withstand everything from a make out sesh to a taco binge. While I manage to keep a perfect pout, my eye makeup tends to fade throughout the day—which will be doubly unfortunate once I finally master a killer cat-eye.

Well, YouTuber LilacBat shared a brilliant hack that’ll take your nighttime look from 0 to 100 by simply using liquid lipstick as eyeliner. All you need to master this technique is an eyeliner brush and your favorite liquid lipstick!

Step 1: Dip your eyeliner brush in the liquid lipstick and rub off excess product.

Step 2: Starting in the outer corner, follow the natural curve of your eye and draw a line up towards the brow.

If you’re looking for more of a bold look, bring the wing up as high as your brow.

Step 3: Fill in the line until you achieve the desired depth of color and thickness.

Step 4: Continue towards the inner corner of the eye.

Feel free to play around with the thickness of your liner!

And there you have it!

Don’t be afraid to experiment—just check out this cool ombre eyeliner look.

And this video might inspire you to play around with various layers and textures.

Watch LilacBat’s complete liquid lipstick eyeliner demo here:

Play away!