Wine-Infused Coffee Is Here To Make Your Head Spin

OK, but does it get you drunk?

Wine has found its way into everything delicious lately—grilled cheese, chocolate, jelly—and now, your favorite non-alcoholic beverage: coffee.

Thanks to a new, wine-infused coffee from Napa Valley company Molinari Private Reserve, you can get your caffeine fix and your vino fix — at the same time. Imagine everything you’ll be able to accomplish with vino-spiked coffee in your system.

Bailiwick Express

Here’s how wine-infused coffee works: The coffee beans sit in a bath of artisan-crafted wine, absorbing its rich flavors. The beans are then dried and hand-roasted in small batches. The blend has a blueberry flavor, and the more milk you add, the more wine flavor you taste.


Molinari says the coffee makes “a great espresso,” but it seems like you can’t really go wrong here, whether you drink it black or in a latte. Chill it overnight, roll out of bed the next morning and enjoy a tasty blend of your two favorite things in the world.

And because I know you’re wondering: No, you cannot get drunk from the coffee. Even though you can definitely taste hints of wine, the brew contains no alcohol. However, it’s still the perfect addition to boozy brunch or miserable Monday mornings.

Due to popular demand, the coffee is currently out of stock. For future reference, it’s $20 for a half-pound bag, which you can purchase here.