Dima’s Corner


Aaaah, Tulsa. Known for being the second most populous city in Oklahoma and the city “Friends” character Chandler Bing relocates to after accidentally falling asleep in a meeting. But few outside of the state know Tulsa’s other claim to fame: containing the “Center of the Universe.”

Technically, experts and cosmological theory agree the Universe has no center. But standing on a small concrete circle in Tulsa’s downtown, it’s easy to feel like you’re in your own world. Visitors say that if you make a noise while standing on the “Center of the Universe,” the sound will echo back to you many times louder than you said it. Stranger still, a friend hanging out outside of the circle won’t hear a thing. It’s as if this little patch of concrete is your own personal soundproofed booth.

While no one is quite sure what causes this strange sonic distortion, it might have something to do with sound waves bouncing off the circular walls of a nearby planter. To check it out for yourself, swing by the shimmering city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It might be a little out of the way for most of us, but the chance to scream out your frustrations without anyone overhearing could make it worth the trip. Just don’t be disappointed when the “Center of the Universe” looks like this: