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Zip World Caverns is hidden in a 176-year-old, man-made cave.

Indoor trampoline parks have exploded in popularity, mostly because they’re an excuse for grown-ass adults to go to a playground again. If you’re really looking to unleash your inner 8-year-old, pay a visit to Zip World Caverns’ Bounce Below in North Wales.

Buried in a 176-year-old, man-made cavern, Bounce Below is an underground adventure park full of giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels. Inspired by a similar amusement park in France, visitors experience a multi-colored LED light show inside the cavern.


The trampolines are 20, 60 and 80 feet off the ground and linked together by walkways and slides—the biggest slide is 60 feet deep (!!). With the 15 zip lines and dangling bridges zig-zagging throughout the park, it’s basically a place to live out your Indiana Jones fantasies.

If you have a fear of heights but a knack for adventure, you’ll be pleased to know that each trampoline has safety nets and is connected to the next by a slide. There are walkways aplenty, and visitors wear safety helmets and protective gloves.

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Nick Moriarty, operations manager and designer of Zip World Caverns, said he wanted to use as much of the cave atmosphere as possible to create the ultimate experience. “We didn’t want to change the atmosphere too much,” he told the Telegraph. “We wanted to use what was already here as it’s so unique.”

People are giving the park rave reviews on Trip Advisor, and the FOMO is already kicking in.

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor

Here’s a video of all the exciting action that takes place at Bounce Below’s Caverns.