‘American Horror Story’

Are you brave enough to know the cold, dead truth?

Haunted houses are all in good fun. You sign up for 15 minutes of scares and screams, and after you leave, you can rest assured knowing no ghost saunter your own hallways. Or so you think.

If you’ve ever wondered if your house is haunted (who hasn’t?), now you can find out thanks to a website called DiedInHouse.com. The site was founded by software engineer Roy Condrey in 2013 after tenants in a house he owned asked if the house was haunted, according to Forbes.

‘Amityville Horror’

The site scours data from death certificates, news reports and 130 million police records to determine whether someone died in the house. It also digs up any shady history, checking for news of underground meth labs, arson, and of course, murders.

So you’re probably thinking: Do I even want to know if someone went all Jack Torrance in my house? Well, finding out can have implications for your home’s value. Condrey believes all prospective homeowners should know if there were any grisly shenanigans or peaceful deaths, since either could impact a buyer’s decision. In fact, reports of death or violent crime in a home can reduce its value up to 30%. For good reason—I know I would never purchase a house if someone was murdered by having their face stuffed in a fryer. Maybe that was just in “Scream Queens,” but still.

‘Scream Queens’

When you visit the site, you’re asked to put in your address and then directed to a page with pricing options starting at $11.99, for info on one address. So far, the site has sold over 40,000 reports. Forbes tested out five different addresses and found the site was able to uncover a meth lab bust at an Ohio home and the murders at the Amityville Horror house. So what you’ll uncover is the real deal—you just need to be prepared to accept that your house may be haunted.