Trusted Housesitters in the south of France (left) and some pets in need of a pet sitter (right). | Trusted Housesitters

From Australian beach villas to French farmhouses, the world awaits.

Travel is about immersing yourself in a place, getting friendly with the locals and experiencing your destination as deeply as possible. Trusted Housesitters lets you do all that for $100 a year — with the added bonus of caring for cute pets along the way.

The concept is simple — and a stroke of genius. Many people with pets love to travel but become tied to their home because of the expense or guilt of kenneling their beloved furry cohabitants. This site connects them with vetted, trustworthy travelers who house- and pet sit in exchange for accommodation.

Catsitting in Harbour Island Marina, near Cape Town, South Africa. | Trusted Housesitters

And the opportunities are incredible. Think poolside mansions, huge farmhouses, sleek city pads and villas on the beach. Plus: pooches, cats, rabbits, chickens or horses come as part of the package.

Some people have even quit their jobs to travel the world doing it.

To bag the best housesits, you need to build up a good reputation on your profile. But don’t worry, it doesn’t take long — if you’re happy to do some sits in your hometown to gather a few good reviews.

Cat- and dog sitting in Cromwell, New Zealand. | Trusted Housesitters

You can also rack up verification levels, which give you an even better chance of being picked. Start by completing your profile, get someone to give you a character reference — and then you can have your ID documents officially checked online.

There’s a fee of $9.92 a month (or $119 a year) which provides a barrier to entry for some. If you want to take advantage of both opportunities to housesit as well as to find a house sitter when you need one, there’s a combo package for $149.

Dog sitting in Arkansas. | Trusted Housesitters

But once you’ve signed up, that’s it: access to thousands of housesits, from Dubai to the Dordogne. You can request sits that fit in with your travel plans, or sits that fit your experience with certain animals.

The type of property and pets is vast and varied, so there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a long-term opportunity or unique option for your next vacation, this is something for animal-loving travelers of all ages.