Complete with a pool, sun terrace & a freaking vineyard?

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Imagine coming home from work one day — exhausted and ready to binge watch Netflix — to find your apartment flooded from a broken pipe you didn’t know existed.

That’s what happened to the residents of an apartment complex in Beijing. The leaks were caused by this giant mountain penthouse built on top of the 26-story building:

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An man named Professor Zhang Lin — who’s the head of a local medicine business — spent six years building it. Although Lin bought the penthouse legally, his extravagant extensions were totally against the law.

The lavish villa measured 8,600 square feet — not including all the surrounding decorative boulders and shrubbery — and was complete with a pool, sun terrace and a freaking vineyard. The structure was so heavy that metal reinforcements had to be build on the sides.

How could homeboy have spent six years slyly building a mansion on top of a 26-story apartment building? Did he just casually carry up a couple of rocks and two-by-fours every day? It appears so.


But don’t think people didn’t notice. Residents in the apartment building said they complained for years about cracks in the walls and leaky pipes, but the professor ignored them.

One person even said that their apartment flooded due to a pipe that broke under the weight of the huge penthouse. Apparently Professor Lin was also a party animal, because the tenants below also complained of noisy gatherings upstairs. As you can imagine, the mad professor was not popular in the building. According to the Daily Mail, he was known as a “menace.”

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You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been using the past tense. To no one’s surprise, the penthouse had to be removed due to safety concerns. It reportedly took over a year to dismantle.

Luckily there a plenty of pics of this crazy mansion that will live on forever.