It’s constructed from trees left over from the building of the main house.

It’s October, which means it’s officially time to start transforming your apartment into a cozy retreat perfect for reading, Netflix and Postmates so you never have to step into the wintry disaster developing outside. And if you have as much sense as this New York couple, you’ll build that perfect space in your backyard as a guest room/winter escape.

This one-room guesthouse is called Hemmelig Rom — “Secret Room” in Norwegian — and was constructed with oak trees that were cut down for the main house during construction and never used.

To bring the 200-square-foot structure to life, builders stacked the logs horizontally, with gaps for built-in shelves packed with books of every sort.

The room is just large enough to house an armchair, bed, desk and wood-burning stove to keep you toasty throughout your binge-reading sesh.

Two floor-to-ceiling windows let in a perfect amount of natural light and provide a dreamy view of the forest just outside.

All photos from Denzeen