It lasts for 5 hours without a charge.

Say what you will about how air conditioners are ruining the environment and promoting laziness, there’s nothing better than aiming cold air straight at your sweaty buttcrack. To me, the only thing better than a high-powered AC unit in the dead of summer (besides drinking a margarita in a kiddie pool) is a portable AC unit you can take wherever you go.

Allow me to introduce The Geizeer, a gel ice pack-fueled mini genius that blows cold air for five hours straight without a charge — plus, it costs less than a penny a day to run. This wooden gadget sells for $109 on Indiegogo and charges via a micro-USB cable.

A few places you can use it:

  • In your bed, under the covers (obviously)
  • On the train, to fend off sweaty strangers
  • At the beach, so you can get your tan on without passing out
  • Around your neck on a first date (I’m a nervous sweater, OK?)

The ice pack also provides a dedicated space where you can put fragrant diffusers, so you can breathe in lavender while also cooling down your hoo-ha. What a time to be alive.