Mermaid Island Cafe/Facebook

It’s #1 on Ariel’s bucket list.

Admit it: We’ve all had a mermaid phase. My sister fell into the obsession after a trip to see the mermaid performers at Weeki Wachee Springs park in Florida. Later, she savagely stuck the suction cup of an Ursula toy on her forehead as a middle-finger to the “Little Mermaid” villain. My mermaid love, on the other hand, involved many afternoons singing along to the A*Teens cover of “Under The Sea.”

For those who can’t shake the dream of becoming a mermaid, there’s one space for Ariel-wannabes to explore—but you’ll have to fly to Thailand. An afternoon at Mermaid Island Cafe, a dessert shop in Pathum Thani, is like living a fantasy in an underwater palace. The dreamy cafe is decked out in bright blue for the underwater feel and doted with pink accents. Pink and blue treats in the form of mermaid cupcakes, oyster-shaped cookies (with a pearl, of course) and rainbow waffles fill the menu. And the best part? The cafe gives visitors a plush mermaid tail to slip into while sipping a pastel-colored blended drink.

Look at this place, isn’t it neat?

The elusive Mermaid Frappuccino from Starbucks is no match for these pink and blue desserts. Yum.

If this place isn’t soaked in enough excess already, why not throw in fluffy Pomeranians donning mermaid costumes, too?

Mermaids are so in vogue right now, it’s like 2017 is an endlessly exhausting shit show or something. It only makes sense we’re looking for a mythical escape. If Thailand isn’t on your travel itinerary, take a trip to Creme & Sugar in Anaheim, California for mythical unicorn- and mermaid-themed desserts and drinks.

For more delightfully mythical photos, check out Mermaid Island Cafe on Instagram.