Drew Wittler/dose

Because sometimes you ? just ? can’t ?.

Cathy from accounting is walking your way. She wants to exchange niceties and show you pictures of her cat. But it’s only 9:03 am and you just can’t.

Blessed be to Chrome, you don’t have to. The Google browser recently rolled out NOPE, an extension that totally fosters antisocial behavior in the workplace in the best way.

Here’s how it’s done, people: Download it here (it’s free). Click “add to Chrome.” Then, when some office dweeb is making her way towards you with that chatty look in her eye, click the NOPE icon, and the software will trigger a call from New York to your phone.

Answer. You’ll hear a recorded voice instructing you:

“On the count of three, put your hand to your mouth as if you are hearing bad news. Wave and point at the phone so you look away,” the recorded voice will say. “Repeat these words after me in a serious and concerned tone: ‘Yes of course I can talk now, what’s the matter?’”

Instead of looking at filtered photos of Tigger, Cathy’s calico, you’ll be watching her tail take a hike.

Here’s what the Chrome extension looks like on your browser:


The app was (appropriately) developed by Breather — a workspace-sharing service.

If you’re thinking that hacking your way out of an unwanted or distracting conversation at work is unnecessary or childish, you’ve clearly never worked in an open office.