Guess which look got an 800% boost in popularity?

Most of us are more than ready to say adios to 2016. It’s been a long year full of tragedy and loss, so it’s no wonder fashion in the New Year is going to be one big nostalgia fest—specifically, an 80s revival.

Pinterest analyzed users’ increases in saved pins to create their annual trend report predicting which looks will blow up in 2017. From food to fashion to home design, the Pinterest 100 gives insight into what we can expect in the coming year. With “Stranger Things” and synth-heavy pop dominating popular culture, it’s no wonder the 80s will be having a moment in fashion, as well. These are reported to be the top 10 fashion trends for 2017.

1. Statement Sleeves


Bell sleeves date back to the ladies of 1500s France, making their way into mainstream fashion during the 70s, 80s and early 2000s. You can opt for a vintage-inspired look with a classical blouse, or modernize it by throwing on some layers over the frilly sleeves.

2. Pajama Chic


A trend already popular with the Kardashians and Hadids, the “just rolled out of bed” look will continue to be everywhere. From slip dresses to sweats to lingerie, people are finding new ways to wear their pajamas out of the house—because yes, comfort is fashion, too.

3. Personalized/Customizable Flair


Customizable flair is up a whole 800% on Pinterest. The DIY-inspired trend includes jackets decorated with pins, brooches, stickers and cross-stitched patterns. Major fashion labels like Gucci and Topshop are selling outerwear with these crafty touches that allow you to 100% own your look instead of wearing the same thing as everyone else.

4. Distressed Denim

Mom jeans were the “it” denim style of 2016—the more worn-out, the better. In 2017, the look will very much still be a thing, as everyone from fashion bloggers to your cousin in junior high opts for lighter hues, higher waists and frayed edges.

5. Camel Coats

Thanks to the Yeezy runway, camel coats will be popping up everywhere. Monochromatic neutral colors look good on anyone and work for any season. Whether you bundle up in a camel coat and big scarf for winter or layer over a dress for spring, you really can’t go wrong.

6. Stacked Earrings

Layering isn’t just for clothes anymore. It’s for jewelry, too. Stacked bracelets, rings and earrings accessorize any simple outfit and give it a cool edge.

7. High Necklines

The tomboy trend took off this year, and now it’s making its way into feminine fashion, too. High necklines on T-shirts, dresses and blouses are going to be way more popular, and they look awesome with high-waisted denim and stacked accessories.

8. Backless Shoes

Neiman Marcus

For spring, expect to wear open-toed, backless sandals you can slip on and roll out the door in. You can play around with different styles like leather and fringe in tons of cool shades.

9. Political Tees

“Nasty Woman” merchandise was all the rage during election season, and its bold message isn’t going anywhere—in fact, it increased in Pinterest saves by 360%. So stock up on your favorite feminist tee and wear it proudly in 2017—your voice matters more than ever.

10. Everything 80s

Pinterest reports nostalgic trends are up 87%. The 90s have had their time to shine, but now the 80s are back again, calling for high tops, denim skirts and graphic tees to crawl out of your closet again. Whether you shop the retro look in thrift stores or purchase it new, there are countless ways to style the looks on this list (may we suggest a combo of #2, 4 and 7 to start?) for the ultimate 80s-inspired look.