Creep your coworkers out this week.

File this one under #HalloweenGoals.

Culinary crafters around the world are making spooky-cute lunch boxes and posting the photos on social media.

Like this one:

Yep, those are hot dogs cut to look like disembodied fingers on a bed of bloody rice. You can also wrap a hot dog in spaghetti to make an adorable little mummy:


But don’t stop there. With a razor blade and some seaweed, you can create almost any design you want. Like these hard-boiled egg Jack O-Lanterns:

You can also use a razor blade or a small knife to carve a Jack-O-Lantern out of a piece of melon, like so:

Adventures in Bentomaking via Brit + Co

Yes, those skulls are made from sticky rice and seaweed. Very clever!

But if seaweed’s not your thing, try using that razor blade on an avocado skin, which you can use to adorn a piece of fruit like so:

One Crafty Thing

Some Halloween crafters cut bread slices into faces, using sliced olives and roasted red pepper bits for eyes:


To top off your sandwich face, a skewer of blueberries makes for a nice head of curly hair:

If all of this seems like a lot of work, try buying pre-made items, even if they’re not edible.

Plastic spiders and vampire teeth are two good options:


To further simplify things, buy a set of transparent Halloween stickers, like these:


The only downside to these creepy-cute culinary crafts? Those bloody-finger hotdogs just totally killed our appetite.