The only way inside is via the swinging rope bridge, so pack light!

If you’re looking to explore the rainforests of Chile, there’s no better way than just diving right in, and that’s what the Montana Magica Lodge has in mind, too.

The volcano-shaped hotel fits right into the rainforest with its green covering that’s constantly watered by the man-made waterfall flowing from the roof.

The only way into the hotel is via the swinging rope bridge, so pack light!


The interior of the lodge is cozy and furnished with wood accents to match the rustic views you’ll glimpse out the windows. Inside, civilization is close at hand—the hotel offers a full restaurant, bar and spa.

Travel Lushes

You can also relax in hot tubs made from giant tree stumps or take a thrill ride on South America’s longest zip line.

And if all that isn’t motivation enough, while you’re adventuring around the lodge and the surrounding complex, keep your eye out for pudú deer, the world’s smallest deer breed, found only in this region.


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