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Ranked 5th in happiness and 1st in ?.

With a quarter of its territory in the Arctic Circle and one of the highest per capita incomes on Earth, Finland is quite literally on top of the world. This Nordic nation also tops the charts in things like education, environmental friendliness and government transparency. Winters may be brutal, but there are plenty of reasons why Finland’s got us packing bags. Join us?

1. Finland’s natural beauty is out of this world.

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With nearly 200,000 lakes, long stretches of pristine coastline and some of the best views of the Northern Lights on Earth, Finland’s natural good looks are supermodel-level.

2. Everyone hangs out in saunas all the time.

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It’s true! In a country of 5.3 million people, there are 3.3 million saunas. That’s more than one sauna for every two people. Aaahhh, yeeeaah.

3. The children are geniuses.

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Finland’s education system is consistently ranked within the top five in the world, often nabbing first place depending on who you ask. In addition, Finns value teachers very highly and they’ve found creative solutions to effectively stop bullying.

4. The people are happy, well-read, and progressive.

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Not only are Finns the most literate and socially progressive people on Earth, they’re also ranked fifth in happiness. Who knew you could be well-informed and not depressed?

5. Coffee is a national pastime.

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How do people survive those long, dark Finnish winters? Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Finland ranks number one in coffee consumption, with the average Finn drinking 12 times the worldwide average.

6. The government has its shit together.

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Not only does Finland have the least corrupt government on the planet, its longterm peace and stability also earned it the title of “least failed state.” Geez, Finland. Way to overachieve.

7. They look out for the least fortunate.

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As a part of the country’s robust social safety net, Finland’s “housing first” policy combats homelessness by providing those in need with a longterm place to stay. Between 2008 and 2014, this program decreased the homeless population of Finland by 1,200.

8. It’s the best country to be mom.

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In addition to maternal health and the health of infants, the State of The World’s Mothers Report also factored in women’s education, economic status, and political participation before declaring Finland the best country in the world for mothers in 2013.

9. Their art + design is truly unique.

The Finnish design sense is known for being cutting-edge and modern with a cozy twist. In addition to well-designed homes and public spaces, the country also boasts some cool conceptual artists, like Olek who recently covered an entire house in hot pink crochet (pictured above).

10. Helsinki is the most livable city in the world.

If you really want a reason to fall in love with Finland, look no further than its capitol Helsinki, which was rated the most livable city in the world. On top of its world-class architecture, museums, and nightlife, Helsinki is also known as one of the most honest places on Earth. Booking a ticket yet?