If you’re the kind of person who owns a wine-disguising bra or a handy bath-friendly wine holder, grab your passports and a giant wine glass and head on over to Dora Sarchese Vineyard. The central Italian vineyard secured a place on everyone’s bucket lists this year when it installed a free wine fountain on its grounds.

The fontana del vino spouts locally produced red wine 24 hours a day, but the vineyard is quick to note the fountain is not meant to be a hangout for drunks.

The vineyard lies on the route of a popular pilgrimage from Rome that leads to the chapel where the remains of St. Thomas are said to be kept. Thousands of Italians make the almost 200-mile trek every year, so the vineyard teamed up with a local tourism organization to provide a gathering place for pilgrims and wine lovers alike.

Nonetheless, the fountain has quickly risen to Instagram fame thanks in part to the picturesque wine-cask design, and also in (larger) part to the free stream of red wine.