Which kind are you?

Introverts are like, so hot right now. After Susan Cain’s “Quiet” reached best-seller status in 2012, it seems like everyone is suddenly proud to join the stay home club and describe themselves as an “INFJ.” No longer ashamed of canceling plans on a Friday night, we’ve embraced our innermost need to unwind alone.

But like any group of people, introverts come in all shapes and sizes. In his paper “Four Meanings of Introversion,” Wellesley psychology professor Jonathan Cheek laid out several distinct categories of introverts, each with its own unique advantages. Which one are you?

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1. Social Introvert

Probably you if: you like to relax all by yourself. You’re not necessarily anxious around others, but prefer to socialize in small groups rather than large ones.

Your special powers: Building deep and meaningful relationships, taking time for self-care.

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2 . Anxious Introvert

Probably you if: you seek solitude because you feel awkward and self-conscious around others. You have a tendency to ruminate on what did or could go wrong.

Your special powers: Planning ahead, attention to detail, self-sufficiency.

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3. Thinking Introvert

Probably you if: you’re introspective to the point of getting lost in your own world. You’re often accused of daydreaming.

Your special powers: Thoughtfulness (obviously), creativity, vivid imagination.

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4. Reserved Introvert

Probably you if: you always think before you speak or act. It takes you a while to get going and it takes others a while to really get to know you.

Your special powers: Wisdom, even-keeled attitude, seeing the big picture.