I’ll have what she’s smelling.

Listen up, ladies. There’s yet another reason to pack your bags and jet off to Hawaii. In addition to an incredible cat sanctuary and a bustling job community, the island paradise is home to an exotic mushroom that’ll give you an instant orgasm when you smell it.

No joke.

According to IFL Science, there’s a rare fungus in Hawaiian lava that causes women to have a Samantha Jones-level orgasm on the spot.

‘Sex and the City’

Published in 2001 in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms (yes, that’s a thing), scientists John Halliday and Noah Soule recorded the first effects of the bright orange fungi found growing in the Hawaiian lava flows.

They discovered the mushrooms were close to being a thousand years old and gave off a foul stench—which made them wary of the supposed orgasmic effects.

But alas, a group of women volunteers sniffed the mushrooms and found the results definitely had an effect on them despite the nasty smell. In fact, half of the women had spontaneous orgasms while 100 percent of the women reported an intense feeling of sexual arousal. The males who sniffed the mushrooms, however, showed no change in sexual desire and even reported NAUSEA. Sorry, boys—clearly you’re missing out!

‘Broad City’

Halliday and Soule concluded that the fungus contains “hormone-like compounds [that] may have some similarity to human neurotransmitters released during sexual encounters.” Interesting indeed.

Well ladies, to Hawaii we go!