Great ? news ? for ? gingers.

The emoji release last fall was a big one—avocados, face palm and, of course, female doctors, scientists, welders and astronauts. But one thing the release left out (again)? Redheads.

Now the internet’s buzzing with rumors that redheads will finally join the ranks of the emoji character set, according to a report by Emojipedia. The Unicode Technical Committee meets next week at Apple’s campus in Cupertino to discuss how to implement ginger emojis.

“The lack of a redhead emoji has been the most frequent complaint from users in the past three months,” Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia, said. Only 1–2% of the population has red hair, but emoji celebrates diversity and inclusion of different skin tones, races and genders—so why should redheads be left out?

There are a couple of options for making the emoji happen. The basic one is adding a “person with red hair” emoji (above), so you can change the skin tone/hair color as you currently do with the dark- or blonde-haired emoji. The other option is adding a hair color “tag” (below) so any human gesture (the raised hand, face palm, etc.) could have red hair. In addition, a new pale white skin tone may be added to go along with the red-haired emoji.

While this news is pretty exciting, the changes—if they pass—won’t roll out until 2018. No formal decisions have been made, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed! Whether you’re a natural ginger or a faux redhead, having a red-haired emoji would definitely spice things up.

All images via Emojipedia.