At 6 oz and 10% ABV, this pale ale is made for pre-gaming.?

One of my guilty pleasures in life is sipping an ice cold beer in a hot, steamy shower. But as I’m sure my fellow shower drinkers know, it’s not easy to finish a 12-ounce beer in the shower.

What if I told you there was a double-strength mini beer designed specifically for pre-gaming in the shower?


Well, there is. A Swedish craft brewer called PangPang has produced a sweet but strong pale ale aptly-named “Shower Beer.” It’s just six ounces and meant to be consumed in three or four swigs, but its small size belies the punch it packs: Shower Beer is 10% alcohol by volume, about double the strength of a Budweiser.

PangPang brewery founder Fredrik Tunedal said the idea stemmed from the popular hashtag #showerbeer. The idea “is a universal thing,” he told Munchies. “But we also wanted to create a beer that would kickstart your night.”

‘Easy A’

The beer’s recipe is also designed to be a conditioner — it may sound strange, but celebs like Suki Waterhouse and Catherine Zeta-Jones have sworn rinsing their hair with beer makes it healthy and shiny. (Note to self: Real conditioner is probably a lot cheaper.)

Now that Shower Beer’s had a successful run in Sweden, the company claims to have received interest from distributors around the world. Jury’s still out on when this brilliant beverage will make it to the US, but cross your fingers that it’ll be sooner rather than later.