Dose/Ines Vuckovic

Grill ’em, put ’em on pizza…or just Instagram them.

Certain things in life are begging to be Instagrammed: succulents, avocado toast and of course, pineapples. Now, you can really up your Insta-game thanks to a new GMO creation: pink pineapples.

That’s right—California-based food production company Del Monte took a strain of pineapples and genetically modified it to become a gorgeous, pink fruit.

The best part? It’s edible.


In toning down the fruit’s genes, the flesh becomes both pinker and sweeter, the FDA told NBC News. “(Del Monte) submitted information to the agency to demonstrate that the pink pineapple is as safe and nutritious as its conventional counterparts,” the FDA said, adding that genetically engineered plants are safe to eat.

Basically, it’s an extra-sweet pineapple that, as a bonus, happens to be the color of a Hawaiian sunset or glass of rosé. The pineapples, which are grown in Costa Rica, have been in development since 2005, but were given the green light by the FDA in December. So far Del Monte is the only company to sell them, but as soon as they pick up traction on social media, you can bet they’ll be all over the place.

Alright science—what’s next?