Cue dramatic drum roll.

Although enjoyable, documentaries aren’t always the most accurate—or straightforward—accounts of a given story.

For instance, I watched a documentary on the Beatles that had me CONVINCED Paul McCartney actually died in 1969 and some impostor- McCartney had taken his place. I was playing back old Beatles records, listening for hints and looking for clues in the cover art. For a solid two or three weeks, I almost believed it.

Is Paul McCartney actually dead? Probably not. But that’s the very nature of documentaries. They’re not always meant to be taken as the gospel truth, but they should invite you to think outside of the box.

Well, if you’re a fan of documentaries that include a touch of conspiracy, you’re going to love this new one titled, “Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in Human History,” which is primed to leave your head spinning. According to Germain Lussier of Gizmodo, this documentary’s press release includes “some of the loftiest and, frankly, most exciting/unbelievable claims imaginable.”

In short, the documentary revolves around proving the existence of life on other planets. But, as per their press release, this doc will touch on “the best evidence of extraterrestrial contact dating back decades, with over 100 hours of top-secret military, corporate and intelligence whistleblower testimony, documents, and UFO footage.”

According to Lussier, they plan to do this with the help of one significant “emergency doctor,” Dr. Steven Greer, who “has briefed many senior government officials, including the CIA Director, Pentagon Admirals and Generals and senior members of Congress.” Outside of his medical profession, Dr. Greer has always had an inherent fascination in ufology, dating back to his childhood, when he thought he saw a UFO.

Additionally, Dr. Greer founded the The Disclosure Project—which was created to gain a better understanding of certain information the government “suppresses” regarding UFOs.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see about the validity of this documentary, though I can’t say I’m not interested in seeing it. Apparently, the future of this documentary is contingent on a crowdfunding goal, which has been set at a lofty $500k—though they’ve already raised nearly half of their target. Here’s the trailer: