Hallelujah! ?

Ever dream you could magically turn your water into wine? Well, friends, meet my new role model and modern-day Jesus: British blogger Clare Potts. She just made life one big party by hacking her own fridge.

After buying a house with her boyfriend, she bought a fridge, as responsible grown-up people do—but instead of filling the water cooler with the obvious (read: boring) choice of water, she instead filled it with wine. Obvi, she took to Twitter to share her genius idea, which has since been retweeted over 67,000 times.

This is the definition of winning life, if you ask me. Why use your fridge for water when you can use it for wine, you know? Claire told BuzzFeed: “We ordered the fridge and Joe said it came with a wine cooler section and I said, ‘Or we could put it in the water dispenser.’ It seemed to make perfect sense.”

After finishing off the bottle, Claire washed the cooler to prevent clogging, which she recommends doing if you’re going to borrow her hack. Then she re-filled the cooler with water and found the taste was not affected—so basically, you can go back and forth between dispensing water and wine from your fridge.

Now you can really turn up at your holiday party, dispensing Christmas cheer straight from your favorite kitchen appliance. BRB, this is me right now:

‘Saturday Night Live’