MAC worked closely with a tetrachromat to develop their most pigmented lipstick yet.

Finding a good lipstick can be tricky—especially one that lasts all day. After binging on tacos, we concluded that MAC has some pretty promising lipstick formulas—but there’s always room for improvement, right?

The cult makeup brand’s newest lipstick line is a message from the lipstick gods. It’s called “Liptensity” and it’s dubbed the most “technologically advanced lip product to date” due to its pigmentation, according to WWD.

Teaming up with tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg, MAC was able to develop 24 rich, colorful lipstick shades. A tetrachromat, in case you’re wondering, is someone who is able to see up to more than 100 times the number of color the average person can, due to a fourth cell receptor (most of us only possess three).

Along with being super-pigmented, these lippies have a demi-matte finish and a clear base rather than an opaque one. That means, the color advertised in the display is exactly what you’re going to get when it’s on your lips. Speaking of the display, the lipstick’s outer packaging is matched to the color inside, so it’ll be super easy to pick out the shade you want!

There are so many awesome shades to choose from, but we’re really digging Mulling Spices for a classic red, Blue Beat for an edgy fall hue and Smoked Almond for a gorgeous, rose-nude color. You can see all the different shades here!

The “Liptensity” collection hits stores on Sept. 20 and will be available online Sept. 21. Prepare for your newest lipstick obsession, and shop away!