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Let’s talk about washing your hands for a minute. No one does it enough, that’s for sure — and 70% who are “washing” don’t even use soap.

It’s time to step up your hand-washing game and we have just the soap for you: SoapBox. It comes in pleasing varieties like vanilla and ocean-scented sea minerals. It contains shea butter and aloe for a luxurious wash. And for every product purchased, SoapBox donates a bar of soap to someone in need. Simply put: It smells good, feels good, cleans good and does good. Other brands are left eating SoapBox’s bubbles and here’s why.

It’s simply luxurious

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Thin, watery soap can’t even stay in the palm of your hands, let alone wash them properly. Greasy soap ingredients leave your hands coated in filmy residue that completely defeats the purpose of washing them in the first place. SoapBox’s rich, creamy formula feels great and gets the job done, to boot.

It really suds up

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When you’re washing your hands for a full 20 seconds — yes, that’s how long you should be washing your hands — it’s much more fun if you get to do so in a sink full of bubbles. The sudsy quality is actually functional, too. When the active ingredients in SoapBox mix with water and friction, they form a bubbly lather so you know you’re washing well.

It actually smells good

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You know that pink soap in public restrooms? It smells like an ill-advised combination of bubble gum and floor cleaner. That’s gross. No one wants their hands to smell like that. SoapBox’s more pleasing scents include pomegranate, coconut and vanilla.

It fights dry hands

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Removing oil is a necessary consequence of washing your hands. Traditional soaps contain hyper-drying ingredients, like ammonium lauryl sulfate, that make your skin brittle and prone to cracking. Choosing SoapBox means avoiding these ingredients and treating your hands to the touchable smoothness that moisturizing shea butter provides.

It uses only the best ingredients

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Anti-bacterial ingredients like triclosan (which was first used as a pesticide) and lye can be corrosive to your skin. Chemical dyes and fragrances can cause allergic reactions and hives. There are no petrochemicals or parabens in SoapBox soaps; instead, they’re made from naturally derived ingredients.

For your best soap experience yet (with the added bonus of sharing life-saving soap with children in need) choose SoapBox liquid soap and lather up. Your hands will thank us.