Like hot chocolate, but for your feet.


As someone who freezes at the mere thought of snow, I take winter gear very seriously. The boys can’t even handle me in cold weather, what with my sexy, pizza-stained Snuggie and oversized coat that makes me look like a marshmallow.

Now, there’s one more thing to add to my cozy gear list: microwaveable slippers. Yes, these “hot boots” are just as revolutionary as they sound—the furry slipper boots are 100% microwaveable so your toes will stay toasty all winter long. Plus, when these babies are heated, they omit a therapeutic lavender scent to induce relaxation. All you need to do is pop them in the microwave for a recommended two minutes and boom, no more cold feet.


For me, this is a dream come true. No matter how many layers I bury myself in, my hands and feet still feel like they’re made of ice—and running them under warm water only works temporarily. Unfortunately, women are more cold-sensitive than men because estrogen shuts down blood flow to our extremities. (That’s also why we feel like our body temperature plunges to negative degrees Fahrenheit when we have our periods.) And, as Dr. Mike Tipton, a professor of human physiology at Portsmouth University in the UK tells Time, “You can be warm, but if your hands and feet are cold, you will feel cold [all over].”

Which makes these hot boots pretty much the answer to staying cozy this winter. They’re available here for $22.09. You’ll never want to leave your apartment again, and for good reason.