Multitasking at its best.

Steinar La Engleland for Unsplah

One of my friends and I have an ongoing dialogue on Google Hangout that contains an infinite number of YouTube links and messages stating, “What are you listening to today?” If it’s a slow day, we’ll exchange links to Charlie Parker records. If I’m feeling a Stones day, I’ll let him know bright and early to set the tone. Finally, an app has been created to optimize this type of interaction. Lisn provides a platform for songs to be shared online via Soundcloud or Spotify (Premium, that is), while also providing a built-in chat service.

If you hear a new song and want to share a specific part with your buddy, the song will be synced in real time, so you and your friend will essentially be listening together—even if you’re in two different places.


As their website states, Lisn provides an experience that is much like “sharing headphones,” except you’ll also have the ability to save songs that you like to Soundcloud and Spotify for later listening. If your friend is not available on the app, it’s not a problem. You can still send them song suggestions — you’ll just receive a notification whenever they do log in. At that point, you’ll be given the option to jump back in and listen. The same applies for music your friends send to you.

Since its release earlier this month, Lisn has gained a great deal of popularity, reaching as high as #2 on Product Hunt, as Sarah Perez points out for TechCrunch. If you’re concerned about whether or not the app will eventually become compatible with Apple Music, that issue is reportedly at the top of Lisn’s priority list.

Because Lisn is in its early development, the app is still free, so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try. Just be warned, you may encounter a major distraction in the workplace…