A sun-soaked fort for anyone with seasonal affective disorder.

Seasonal affective disorder is a very real thing. After the holidays, my spirits slump. I dread the brutal months of cold that lie ahead. I know I’m not alone — Between 10–20% of Americans suffer from mild SAD symptoms, and it’s four times more common in women than men.

Burrowing under the covers and avoiding the awful weather may seem like a good solution. But the reason you get depressed in the winter is because you’re not getting enough sun — so if you stay inside all day, you’re only going to feel worse.

Well, thanks to the incredible invention of the “Garden Igloo,” we may finally be able to go outside during winter and not feel our bodies — and souls — go totally numb.

A company in Tampa, Florida known as Gardenigloo USA is manufacturing portable igloos so you can have the winter garden of your dreams:

Okay, they do cost $849, but it might just be worth it: The 360° geodesic domes (which are 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall) are made from PVC, so they’re light-weight and portable, meaning you can plop them in your backyard in the middle of a snowstorm and curl up with a good book no matter how cold it is outside.

By the time summer comes around, you can turn your trusty igloo into a greenhouse, a napping sanctuary or a romantic place to take your Tinder date.

There are two windows and a door for ventilation:

Apparently it only takes two hours to build the cozy little palace — and there are no fancy tools required.

Tinder date, anyone?

One woman who built one herself described her experience like this: “We enjoy our coffee while sitting under the morning dew and watching the sun’s rays peak [sic] through the forest trees. We listen to the birds…It’s been magical to say the least.”

Now if that’s not the coziest thing you’ve ever heard in your life, I don’t know what is.

Last but not least, the whole thing is 100% recyclable, so that’s another win. TBH, this is pretty much my childhood dream come true.

All images from Gardenigloousa.com