We knew it was too good to be true.

Since its arrival on the scene, dry shampoo has been an absolute godsend for busy (and lazy) mornings. But while it’s convenient AF, it comes at a price.

If you Google “dry shampoo hair loss” like I did before writing this piece, you’ll find pages of articles devoted to investigating if this magic powder is actually a disaster. And while no one really comes out and says it, the answer is yes.

We don’t need fancy studies to confirm for us what many women have already experienced. But if you’re curious about the scientific explanation, Sonia, Batra, a dermatologist from Los Angeles has you covered:

“[Dry shampoo] deposits substances to coat the follicle that can build up. The resulting inflammation can weaken the follicles and increase shedding. These products can also cause hair follicles to stick together, so that a hair that would normally shed during brushing may take two or three strands along with it.

And it makes sense if you think about it. When you liberally spray dry shampoo post-workout, you’re not washing away accumulated oils or beads of sweat. You’re simply covering them up in a sticky mess. It’s like shoving your wet hands into flour. These globs clog up your pores so they can’t release oil. That’s when disaster strikes.

To keep all your luscious locks in place, don’t use dry shampoo more than three times a week, and always opt for a natural product without talc powder because of its recent link to ovarian cancer.

Spray lightly friends. Your hair will thank you.