One Brooklyn bar’s crusade against hipsters.

There may come a time in your life when you’ll be forced to choose between two things you love dearly.

That moment has arrived for Brooklyn hipsters with man buns: A bar in Bushwick announced recently that it’ll give away a free bottle of liquor to any dude willing to lop off his topknot.

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Staff at Boobie Trap say they’ll film the de-bunning and pin the bun to the wall afterwards, like a hunter showing off his latest kill.

Boobie Trap

One of Boobie Trap’s owners told Brokelyn why the bar decided to put a bounty on man buns: “I don’t think they’re cute,” Kristen North told the site. “I’ve seen way too many of them last season and want to help along a new style sensation.”

Unfortunately Boobie Trap hasn’t had any customers willing to undergo this agonizing Sophie’s Choice. The question is: Why? Are rockers of the topknot so in love with their Samurai hair styles that they’ll turn down a free bottle of bourbon?

Apparently yes. Munchies interviewed some man-bun sporters and discovered that their hairdos are sacrosanct. “I’d listen to my mom or fiancé, but I’d never be desperate enough to listen to a bar,” one mun-sporting man told the news outlet.

Some seemed to accept that getting ridiculed for their man buns was warranted. “I do think society has stigmatized the man bun, but I also think we deserve it,” Sam Lemonick, a journalist, told Munchies.

Boobie Trap (which by the way is a “breast-themed” bar) doesn’t specify what type of booze they’re willing to give away — a plastic bottle of Popov vodka obviously wouldn’t be as tantalizing as a flagon of Grey Goose — so that might also be a deterrent.

In any case, the message is clear: There are some people out there with really strong feelings about hipster fashion, who will go to great lengths to make their feelings known.