It’s like a glue gun, but for cheese.

Every cheese lover knows how many foods can be improved simply by adding cheese. It’s at least 90%, and that’s a scientific fact.

It’s science like this that the team at BuzzFeed Product Labs were evidently using when they created the Fondoodler, a hot glue gun for cheese.

This thing looks awesome. It’s trigger operated, and squirts a neat, solid line of melty cheese wherever you point it. How can you say no to that? I mean, just look at this thing:

Admittedly Cheez Whiz-style cheese isn’t right for every occasion — sometimes you want something a little more upscale. The cool thing about the Fondoodler (whose name, I’m guessing, is a combination of “fondue” and “doodle”) is that you can load any kind of cheese you want into the barrel and the gun, which runs on electricity, will melt it for you.

So load that thing up with gouda, Jarlsberg, freaking mascarpone if you want. And then use it to make a plate of nachos look extra sexy:

Or (if you’re the crafty type) use it to build cozy little Christmas villages of cheesy goodness:

The Fondoodler’s “proprietary cheese propulsion valve” allows for total control of cheese-flow with minimal mess, according to the product’s official website.

At $25, we’re thinking this could be a good Christmas gift for your little brother, a drinking buddy or really anyone who’s in college. It’s clearly a party gift, but the fact that it was manufactured by BuzzFeed gives it an added cool factor.

The only downside is that the contraption looks a little hard to clean if you don’t have a dishwasher. But that seems like a relatively small risk to take for such a fun product.

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