Work smarter, not harder. ?

Whether you’re working on your revenge body or just want to be able to walk up a few stairs without getting winded, quick results are likely what you’re after. Thankfully, there’s now a study that totally supports your desire to spend less time working out. Researchers at McMaster University found that one minute of intense exercise will bring you the same results as a 45-minute workout *round of applause.*

The 12-week study focused on 27 sedentary men — the first group tried sprint interval training, or SIT (sounds like my kind of workout), and the second tried 45 minutes of moderate intensity continuous training (MICT). Researchers found the SIT and MICT groups had similar heart health and insulin sensitivity results.

Now that science has completely justified the way you’ve always dreamt of working out, try these six no-equipment workouts that you can do during “Scandal” commercial breaks.

1. Stair Runs

If you’re anything like me, you consider lugging heavy groceries up the stairs a workout. Kick it up one notch and spend a few minutes running stairs to get your blood pumping and legs burning.

2. Blogilates’ 9-minute Total Body Slim Down

Cassey Ho is best known for her Pop Pilates and Pilates Intense Interval Training, which delivers quick ways to sweat it out. You’ll feel the effects of this total body PIIT circuit in the morning, but it’ll be totally worth it. Take just nine minutes and get your sweat on.

3. Pushups

Pushups aren’t just for Army cadets. Get in proper form and spend a few minutes doing this easy, core-strengthening move.

4. The Kayla Itsines 10-Minute Total Body Workout

Kayla Itsines, creator of the Bikini Body Guide, is known for her intense workouts that deliver real results. In 10 minutes, you’ll work every major muscle group until they’re completely exhausted. She shared her total body workout with Allure.

5. Squat Jumps

Squats are a guaranteed way to get that dream booty. For this move, proper form is a major key ?. Make sure your shoulders are moved away from your ears, yhips are stacked over knees and knees are aligned over ankles. Squats on their own will help to tone that booty, but the added jump will get your heart racing. Hopefully no one lives below you.

6. Shirley Brown’s 10-Minute Full Body Workout


This 10-minute, at-home CrossFit workout takes the stress out of competitive CrossFit. The full body circuit works your abs, legs and arms in the same amount of time you spent snoozing your alarm this morning.