Shopping the freezer aisle can be a challenge when you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet. To make good food choices, here are 5 criteria to look for when you shop microwaveable meals:

1. High-quality ingredients

First things first: always read the labels, so you know what you’re putting in your body. In the freezer aisle, it’s common to find foods filled with confusing ingredients. Look for foods that are free of artificial ingredients (no fake cheese, please) and plenty of vegetables for extra quality control over what you eat.

2. Sustainable food options

Whether you’re a meat-loving “flexitarian” or a full-on vegan, making small eco-friendly food choices can make a difference. Look for microwavable foods with plant-based protein or other meat alternatives. Great for you? Check. Also great for the planet? Double-check.

3. Veggies—and lots of them

Spoiler alert: You can eat microwavable meals and get your veggies, too. Look for foods that boast a full serving of vegetables to make sure you actually meet your recommended intake. 

4. Variety

When sticking to a diet, it’s easy to eat the same three healthy meals over and over again. Add some spice to your day-to-day with foods that have a variety of veggies and flavors. Mixing up what you eat is a great way to keep healthy eating exciting.

5. Convenience

We’d probably be right if we guessed that the reason you’re shopping in the frozen food aisle is because it’s convenient. Washing, chopping, and cooking vegetables takes time, and it might not even end up tasting good. Seek out products that are healthy but easy to grab-and-go. Your busy schedule doesn’t have to stand in the way of eating foods that are good for you.

No one said eating healthy was easy, but looking out for these 5 things when you’re grabbing dinner from the freezer aisle can make it a little bit easier.