As the weather changes and your skin starts to dry, you’ll want a box of tissues close by. But before you start wiping your nose, make sure you’re using the best product for your skin. Here are a few key tissue features to look for to battle cold season and keep your skin healthy all year round.

1. How they’re made

The process of how tissues are made can affect how they feel on your skin. To help maintain your skin health, look for tissues that have a layer of lotion built-in to the product. Tissues that have a special fiber coating between the textured fibers and your skin can give you a more comfortable experience. 

2. The ingredients 

The ingredients you put on your face can make a direct impact on your skin—so why wouldn’t you check the ingredients in your tissues? Combat skin irritation by using tissues that are free of dyes, fragrances and perfumes. To maintain your skin health, opt for tissues that contain beneficial ingredients like vitamins and essential oils to help make sure you don’t get a sore red nose. 

3.  How they care for your skin

Certain types of tissues can help keep your skin feeling healthy by moisturizing your skin. To help keep your skin nourished, look for tissues that contain botanicals and plant extracts. Products made with these hydrating ingredients can protect your skin from drying out. 

4.  How the tissues feel on your skin 

Tissues should feel soothing against your skin, not rough. To avoid using a product that feels like sandpaper, look for tissues that are soft and smooth to keep your skin looking its best. A quality tissue should help keep your skin healthy-looking instead of harming it.

The next time you grab a box of tissues, keep these things in mind and you’ll be able to steer clear of the dreaded sore, red nose.