As we all know, good hair days are few and far between. Some days there’s no amount of hairspray or dry shampoo to make your hair cooperate. To get to the root of the problem, you need to take a hard look at the products you’re using to wash your hair. Here’s what to check out for your next shampoo: 

1. Look for shampoos that help keep your scalp healthy

Start at the root! To keep your scalp healthy, look for shampoos designed to exfoliate the build-up that makes your scalp feel itchy and dry. A natural shampoo that restores the perfect pH balance to your scalp will also help your hair grow in a healthy way.

2. Look for shampoos that strengthen and repair your hair. 

Shampoo should do way more than make your hair smell nice. To get thick, healthy hair, look for a shampoo with cuticle care, which can strengthen your hair’s rough outer layer to give you smooth, shiny hair, root to tip. At any age, an anti-aging shampoo can bring thickness and volume back to your hair. 

3. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo. 

First, let’s explain sulfates: They get rid of dirt and oil, but they can also strip away too much of the good stuff, leaving your hair dry and your scalp irritated. A shampoo without sulfates can clean your hair just as well, if not better, and give your hair back some of its natural oils so it stays strong and healthy. 

4. Look at the ingredients.

Take a closer look at your shampoo’s ingredients to make sure what you’re using is free of harsh chemicals that could cause damage. Shampoos made with probiotics, green tea or argan oil can help boost your hair’s health, too!  

Keep an eye out for these things to stay at the top of your hair game. When you prioritize hair health, bad hair days start to fade away. Now if only someone would invent an app to make understanding how to care for your hair easier…