Do you struggle to find hair care products you love? With so many options lining the shelves, it can be hard to find a product that’s best suited to your hair type or styling goals. Luckily, there’s Gemz Haircare.

Gemz shampoos and conditioners are made for all kinds of hair and focused on giving you great hair days. They’re easy to travel with and are made of natural ingredients that keep your hair looking healthy, feeling clean and easier to style. Here are four reasons why you should try out Gemz Haircare:

1. Gemz makes traveling with multiple hair care products a breeze

Did you know most shampoos and conditioners are 80% water and 20% active ingredients? All Gemz products are completely liquid-free and come in tiny, single-use packets that are full of 100% active ingredients. With Gemz, you can ditch the water weight and only pack the shampoo and conditioner you need. These sustainable, gem-shaped packets are cute, colorful, and easy to tuck into your overnight bag.

2. Gemz only use active, natural ingredients

Gemz only uses ingredients that are clean, natural and 100% active, meaning they are at their peak effectiveness the moment you open them in the shower and activate them–it doesn’t get fresher than that! Gemz shampoos and conditioners have no fillers, stabilizers, or any other extra junk: just pure, active ingredients.

3. Gemz make your hair feel cleaner longer

Gemz unique formula is focused on giving you cleaner hair for longer: their active, natural ingredients give you your freshest, cleanest hair yet! Because Gemz has ditched the additives, you know your hair and scalp is getting only what it needs and nothing that it doesn’t. Your hair will look and smell shower-fresh all week long when you use Gemz.

4. Gemz boosts your number of great hair days

Gemz has an arsenal of great shampoos and conditioners that combat different hair dilemmas and work to give you a great hair day every single day. Struggle with frizzy hair? Grab a “Rainy Day Anti-frizz” shampoo packet. Planning to blow-dry or air-dry your hair? Go for “Perfect Blow Dry” or “Perfect Air Dry.” If you have color-treated hair, dry hair, or want more volume, Gemz has got you covered.

This year, shake up your hair care routine by trying Gemz, an innovative haircare line that is 100% dedicated to giving you your healthiest hair yet.